Delivering music that you won't get tired of, regardless of genre.

Melodic 6-member men's group

2021/8/12 Unveiled at Veats Shibuya

⚡️ Member introduction ⚡️

[Ichinose Kakeru]

Born December 20 White NO! Z Main Vocal

"I 'm Sho Ichinose in charge of NO! Z White! !! !! I like to sing more than three meals 🎤 I want to make as many people as possible smile with my singing voice ✨

[Kamiki Hayato]

Born on January 18th NO! Z in charge of light blue

"I eat a lot ❕ "

[Kuga Taisuke]

Born April 9 Orange NO! Z Main Vocal

"NO! Z Orange is in charge of Taisuke Kuga! As the main vocal, I will do my best to deliver unique music that is second to none in any group 🤔

[Kon Kaito]

Born January 6 Purple NO! Z Dance Leader

" NO! Z Purple is in charge of Imasuke Mori (Concite) from Aomori Prefecture! !! No matter where you are, if you have a song, you will dance! !! 』\

[Suou Akane]

Born November 16 Red NO! Z Youngest Center

"The youngest red! In charge of babies who tend to be loved but want to be sexy "

[Minase Shu]

Born May 27 Blue NO! Z All-rounder

"I 'm Tamao Minase in charge of NO! Z blue! It is often said that it is innocent! I love Korea! I will do my best to dance and sing 🔥🔥